Our Ez-Vex Shear Sharpening System Proudly holds 2 Patents

Our Nipper Sharpening System, Sharpens Cuticle & Podiatry Nippers !

Check out some of our Video's on our Sharpening News Page 

 Now offering The Solid Wheel for the Ez-Vex system as an Optional Wheel.  

NOW The Ez-Vex Re-Convexing Clamp to use with the Solid Wheel.

Check out our Sharpening News Page  ( this is a cosmetic clamp because sharpening from inside the wheel automatically gives the cutting edge a TRUE CONVEX Edge.)  

The Re-Convexing Clamp is for cosmetic work, to be used with the solid wheel

Weekends and ALL Holidays are NOT Considered a Business DAY, So Please Remember this when Placing a Machine Order.

All Orders for Machines will take 14 Business Days to ship

Congrats to Shear Precision Sharpening for adding a Equipment for sale page

Shear Precision has opened an "online" Store for those who want to purchase sharpening Equipment and accessories without lead time waiting.

If Your interested in a service Like that, check out Jesse's Page at their website  www.shearprecisionstore.com/ez-vex/   

email them at sales@shearprecision.net  The online company name is                    Shear Precision Decatur AL (Jesse & Dawn Hockett)

Check out our Mail In-Sharpening Service Page, see everything we sharpen and the Prices