Our Ez-Vex Shear Sharpening System Proudly holds 2 Patents

Our Nipper Sharpening System, Sharpens Cuticle & Podiatry Nippers !

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 Now offering The Solid Wheel for the Ez-Vex system as an Optional Wheel.  

NOW The Ez-Vex Re-Convexing Clamp to use with the Solid Wheel.

Check out our Sharpening News Page  ( this is a cosmetic clamp because sharpening from inside the wheel automatically gives the cutting edge a TRUE CONVEX Edge.)  

When you Add the Solid Wheel with the Reconvexing Clamp to the Ez-Vex its like having two machines in one !

You can put a True Convex Edge and a True Bevel Edge on the Shear with the Ez-Vex and then you can address the Cosmetic work on the face of the shear with the Solid Wheel and Re-convex clamp just like the Flat Hone Machines do.

Weekends and ALL Holidays are NOT Considered a Business DAY, So Please Remember this when Placing a Machine Order.

All Orders for Machines will take 14 Business Days to ship, however, in the months of Nov and Dec it could be longer.

Congrats to Shear Precision Sharpening for adding Equipment for sale page

Shear Precision has opened an "online" Store for those who want to purchase sharpening Equipment and accessories without lead time waiting.

You can check out Shear Precision's Page at their website www.shearprecisionstore.com/ez-vex/  

email them at sales@shearprecision.net  The online company name is                    Shear Precision Decatur AL (Jesse & Dawn Hockett)

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